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The World is Changing

For better or worse, the world I was born into has changed: New ideas have changed how people think, new technologies have changed how things are done, and change in social patterns have changed how people interact. The only things that are left unchanged are tax and death. But, with so many things to occupy our lives, there is little time to think about either, and even less to prepare for them. I know I put off doing my tax returns until the last possible moment and it is only as I near the end of this earthly existance that I am now thinking about the other inevitable event.

 When I was born, the population of our planet was about 2.5 billion. It is now around estimated at 7.5 billion (World population estimate). This increase in population, and the tremendous advances in technology have brought about  unprecedented changes; the like of which no other generation has experienced: From horse-drawn carts to driverless vehicles, from wind-up wristwatches to wrist-mounted smart-phones, from keeping in touch with letters to daily contact via cell-phone, Facebook and email, and those are only a few of the things that have changed for better, and for worse.

My fear now is how my children and grandchildren will cope if population growth and technological advances continue at the rates experienced by my generation. Imagine a world with a population of 22 billion... even if technology and food production keeps advancing at current rates, how will they cope? Especially with a shrinking, fertile land mass as climate change swallows up land near the coastline and makes fertile regions into deserts.

As certain as taxes, without change, shrinking resources and high population growth will lead inevitably into isolationism and conflict as the more powerful seek to secure resourses for their own . Even today in the USA there are groups preparing land for self-sufficiency and arming themselves to defend their land if the time when food becomes scarce, and conflict is growing on a more global scale as powerful nations seek to secure the resources of the less powerful.

Is there  solution? I believe there is and the intent of this website is to expose the problem and to explore ideas to solve n issue that is largely ignored.


Whether you believe in reincarnation, heaven and hell, or nothing at all, we all agree this life is important!


Why I believe that there is life after death. I share my experiences and explore the evidence.

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